Our Bucket List Adventures

Our Bucket List Adventures

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By Korie Herold

Plan Your Life Dreams as a Couple and Celebrate Your Favorite Memories

Whether you dream of a big trip abroad or doing smaller activities together in your own town, use this journal to keep track of all the things you and your partner hope to do one day. Then, once you’ve completed an item on your list, record the date and any thoughts or collective memories you want to celebrate from the special experience.

Inside Our Bucket List Adventures, couples will find:

• Plenty of space for brainstorming and planning your adventures together
• Organized Dividers with Tabs: 7 sections broken up by food category to make it easy to find what you’re looking for
• Motivating prompts to help couples follow through on goals 
• Smaller sections to record the restaurants or foods you both want to try, museums and landmarks you want to visit, and other things you want to see or do
• Extra pages to keep photos, ticket stubs, and other items that commemorate your experiences

Korie Herold is an artist who explores watercolor, hand-lettering, design, and visual interest. She lives in Kingwood, TX with her husband, Joel, and her two boys, Xander and Jonah. She loves brunch, fresh flowers, and connecting with others. She enjoys making her house a home and thinks the home is such an important place to nourish. Find her on Instagram @korieherold.

120 Pages
6 x 9 in
ISBN: 9781950968831

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