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Sarah Simon

Sarah lives in Seattle, WA on her urban farm, where she loves to garden and spend time with her family. She loves Jesus, exploring new places, and enjoys anything that includes the sea, friends, and food. Find her on Instagram: @themintgardener

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Courtney Fidell

Courtney and her husband founded Auburn Community Church in Auburn, AL back in 2015. As their church grew, Courtney wanted to find a way to connect with more women, so she started her blog, ‘Pastor Wife Life’. Find her on Instagram: @courtneyfidell

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Tabitha Paige

Tabitha Paige is an award-winning artist and owner of Fox Hollow Studios. She’s based in Fort Worth, TX. Fun fact! Before Tabitha started her art business (and joined the Paige Tate & Co team), she was a speech pathologist. Find her on Instagram: @foxhollowstudios

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Jenessa Wait

Jenessa is a hand-lettering artist who believes that encouragement and truth have the power to change the way we live. She started her hand-lettering journey in 2015 as a hobby and it quickly turned into a thriving and successful online business selling art prints, journals, and home decor. Find her on Instagram: @jenessawait

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Wendy Chow

Wendy is an Aussie modern quilter and designer based in New York City. She is the owner behind The Weekend Quilter and co-host behind the podcast, Quilt Buzz. Find her on Instagram: @the.weekendquilter

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Korie Herold

Korie is the founder behind the Korie Herold brand. She has a background in graphic design, interior design, photography, and she loves all things watercolor. Korie believes in the power of storytelling, making memories, and keeping memories. Find her on Instagram: @korieherold

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Jordan Lee Dooley

Jordan Lee is the founder behind Jordan Lee Media. Her mission is to help women priortize their health and well-being as they build their dream. Jordan encourages women through her podcast and other online resources. Find her on Instagram: @jordanleedooley

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Alli Koch

Alli is based in Dallas, TX, and is the founder behind Alli K Designs. Alli creates custom murals for businesses around the US and has collaborated with brands such as LuluLemon, Kacey Musgraves, and Kendra Scott. Find her on Instragram: @allikdesign

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Shannon Roberts

Shannon is a chalk artist and the founder behind The White Lime. She started drawing in her free time while raising her kids, and her business became a quick success. Her chalk art can be found in stores such as Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, Hallmark, and Khol’s. Find her on Instagram: @shannonroberts19

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Ilana Griffo

Ilana is the co-owner of Good Type—an online platform providing resources, e-courses, and a community for creatives. Illana is based in Rochester, NY, and is passionate about helping creatives turn their passions into full-time businesses. Find her on Instagram: @ilanagriffo

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Amanda Bernardi

Amanda specializes in bohemian weddings, events, and interior design. Amanda lives in Denver, Colorado with her family. Find her on Instagram: @amanda.g.bernardi

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Hillary Froning

After struggling with infertility for years, Hilary’s mission
in life is to speak truth, share her story of adoption and motherhood, and inspire others to follow God’s calling. Hillary, her husband, and their 3 kids (Lakelyn, Trice, and Violet) all reside in Nashville, TN. Find her on Instagram: @hillaryfroning

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Lauren Espy

Lauren started her business, A Menagerie of Stitches, in 2015 where she sells finished amigurumi, as well as crochet patterns. She is a self-taught crocheter and also loves knitting and embroidery. Find her on Instagram: @amenagerieofstitches

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Amanda carye

Amanda is the quilter, designer, and writer behind Broadcloth Studio as well as the co-host of the Quilt Buzz podcast. A New Englander who now calls New York home, Amanda has been quilting since middle school and sewing since forever. In 2017 she founded Broadcloth Studio as a collection of bold and modern quilt patterns. She received her BA and MBA from Dartmouth College. Find her on Instagram:@broadclothstudios

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