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By Korie Herold

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Everyone has a story to tell

We create heirloom books to help you tell your stories for generations ahead. We lean into timeless design, quality materials, and a whole lot of heart.

What customers are saying...

A great investment

Growing Up is such a well-thought-out and put-together book to record events and memories to look back on with your child when he/she have grown up.”

Linda D.

Awesome to pass along

Around Our Table is the perfect way to gift future generations with the recipes and traditions that make our holidays and special occasions memorable.”

Shirley L.

Love the quality

“We are using the As We Grow for our wedding guest book, it was gifted to us and a friend purchased Grandpa’s Story after seeing how beautiful it was!”

Veronica R.

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About Korie Herold

Korie is the founder behind the Korie Herold brand. She has a background in graphic design, interior design, photography, and she loves all things watercolor. Korie believes in the power of storytelling, making memories, and keeping memories. Find her on Instagram: @korieherold.

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