Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Image 2

Mother’s Day weekend is upon us! And yes, did you notice how we just turn it into a weekend-long event?! We love the idea—and we’re pretty sure most moms we know would back us up—of one day for mom to pamper herself (at a spa . . . in silence) and one day to spend with her babies. Alas, it’s Mother’s DAY, and that has us thinking about all of the mamas we’re lucky to know.

Our own mothers are the first and most important on our list, of course. We also think about the moms in our own little communities. These are the moms we lean on for so much: for help shuttling kids here and there, for moral support and perspective when things get tough, and for endless laughs together. And of course, there are the remarkable women we get to work with every day—our remarkable artists and makers who stretch their creativity, run their businesses, and mother their babies. It’s not easy—we all know that—and yet these women do it all a grace and determination that inspires us.

We love how Gingiber captures mamas and their babies with her sweet yet sophisticated illustrations. Do you have a copy of  Together: A Mommy and Me Coloring Book by Stacie Bloomfield, the artist behind Gingiber? With 26 illustrations for children and 26 accompanying images for adults, this book is perfect for side-by-side coloring!

At the same time, we all need the occasional quiet moments – and what better way to spend that opportunity than in reflection? Kara-Kae James devotional, Thrive: A Coloring Book Devotional for Moms, offers the perfect way to prompt moms to embrace their faith in those rare, precious moments.

We’re looking forward to a special “together” day with family—onethat begins by “sleeping in,” which translates roughly to “trying to ignore the sounds of the kitchen being systematically destroyed through the preparation of breakfast in bed for mom!” And once the over-buttered toast and now-cold coffee has been consumed, snuggles and time spent together is next on the agenda. And isn’t that what every mom really wants?!