Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is almost here (mark your calendars for May 14th if you haven’t already!). While Mom would probably be the first to say that she doesn’t need a gift, isn’t it nice to spoil her a bit?! The time to pick your gift is now. Paige Tate has several titles perfect for mamas! (Tip: If you’re a mom reading this, you can pin these to give your family a teeny tiny hint.)

Thrive: A Coloring Book Devotional for Moms, is an amazing way for moms to take a moment to connect with their faith. Authored by Kara-Kae James, of Thrive Moms, this book offers beautiful and thought-provoking prompts, along with gorgeous illustrations by artist Joy Kelley to color and enjoy.

Together: A Mommy + Me Coloring Book, provides a tool for mamas to connect with their little ones through coloring. Stacie Bloomfield, illustrator behind the popular children’s brand Gingiber, brings her adorable animal illustrations to the world of coloring! These illustrations are sweet enough for children but smart enough for adults, and the book contains corresponding mom and child coloring pages.

Hand Lettering 101 by the lovely Chalkfulloflove is perfect for the crafty moms out there—the ones who are known to tuck decorative notes into lunch boxes and create handmade signs for their kids’ birthday parties. This best-selling book teaches beginners how to turn a simple word or phrase into a work of art!

How to Draw Modern Florals: An Introduction to the Art of Flowers, Cacti and More is the last book on our list, but certainly not the least! Featured on our blog last week, this book is our most recent publication, and we’re so excited by the praise for the book and author Alli Koch. Whether you are searching for a mom who is a frequent doodler, or a mom who just may be up for trying something new altogether, this book is the perfect guide to drawing hang-on-the-wall quality flowers in no time at all!

Tip: We all know that moms will insist that handmade gifts are the ones that mean the most. Why not make her a piece of art for the wall (or the humble fridge!), or add a personal touch to any everyday item. Both How to Draw Modern Florals and Hand Lettering 101 can teach you the skills to DIY a gift that your mom will be sure to treasure and love.