Monday Mornings

Hand Lettered Coffee Mug

Are you a person who drags yourself through Monday morning, or do you leap into it with enthusiasm and energy? Or, does it change for you from week to week?

As silly as it sounds, for us, setting up for a successful Monday morning begins on Friday afternoon. For us at Paige Tate, as a team and as individuals, we try to wrap up loose ends as much as possible before heading into the weekend. Our publisher doesn’t shut down her laptop on Friday until she has made a big to-do list for the following week. This simple routine helps her to mentally transition to a weekend state of mind—which in turn allows for the necessary downtime to rejuvenate for the week ahead.

Of course, the weekend is rarely “relaxing.” Rather, the washing machine is usually going at full tilt by early Saturday morning, the windows are rattling as the kids yell “I can’t find my shin guards/baseball glove/piano book/water bottle!” A grocery store run and hurried, never-quite-caught-up chores on Saturday afternoon usually gives way to some sort of get-together on Saturday evening, which rolls into church on Sunday and, if we’re lucky, a couple of hours with coffee and the Sunday Times. Sunday afternoons are about getting yesterday’s laundry put away, getting meals prepped for the week ahead, and making sure homework is complete and tucked in backpacks.

So, while the weekends aren’t exactly relaxing, the days are full and spent doing many of the things we love to do (laundry excepted!) with the people we love the most. And so, we are thankful.

If the weekend whirl is successful, Sunday night means a quiet family dinner—preferably in the backyard, if weather allows—and early to bed for everyone. And all of THIS means we’re ready to jump into Monday morning—if only for a break from the busyness of the weekend!