Artist Spotlight: Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber

Stacie Bloomfield

Have you ever felt like you’ve known someone forever after meeting them for the first time? Maybe you share so many interests or have similar stories. Or maybe it was just such an enjoyable conversation that it left you feeling encouraged, connected and known.

That’s how we felt after chatting with Stacie Bloomfield, artist of the new mommy-and-me coloring book, “Together”, and creative genius behind the popular shop, Gingiber. “Together” came out THIS WEEK (woot!)! I had been following Stacie’s work on Instagram and absolutely loved the way she brought adorable animals to life through fun, yet sophisticated illustrations. When Reagan and I started to think about the idea of a mommy-and-me coloring book, we approached Stacie with it, and little did we know she was literally on her computer looking for a way to publish a coloring book herself when she got our email! It was one of those perfect timing moments that you look back on and know it was meant to be. Thus, our relationship with Gingiber took off, and now we have a beautiful coloring book to share with you!

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Growing up in Springfield, MO, Stacie always knew she wanted to be an artist. Her dad would sketch drawings of animals and she used his big fountain pen to copy them. “It was the thing that kept me quiet”, says Stacie, “I have always loved animals and loved to draw them”. Stacie had a thing for Martha Stewart’s magazines and read them while visiting her grandma’s beauty shop. Clearly Martha inspired her as evidenced by the fact that as a young girl, Stacie started saving her pennies so she could buy an arm chair from Pier 1. “I wanted my life to be beautiful like Martha’s,” laughs Stacie.

Upon graduation from high school she decided to pursue a degree in fine arts from Drury University and married her childhood sweetheart who she met when they were just 11 years old. Three children and a thriving business later, Stacie somehow manages to be super mom, run her own business like a pro, and still find time for herself. You probably didn’t know that Stacie was once a manager at her local Starbucks…it must be those Breve Cappuccinos she loves that keep her going like the Energizer Bunny, kicking business butt and taking names!

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Stacie is one of those people you count yourself lucky to know. She’s not afraid to be real and easily moves past the surface level stuff in a conversation. She clearly has a heart for her people and makes you feel like you’re one of them. I recently sat down with Stacie to talk all things life and work and pursuing the two.

Stacie, your work is beautiful and I love the life you bring to each of your prints. How did you get your start and what’s the meaning behind “Gingiber”?
“Eight years ago I was pregnant with our first child and designing the nursery. I couldn’t find any artwork I loved and wanted to hang on the wall, so I decided to come up with my own art and my husband encouraged me to start it as a side business. When I was in college I had to create a brand name for a project in my marketing class and I chose “gingiber”, which means ginger. It really has no specific meaning to me other than I really liked the way the word looked! So when I was trying to decide what to name my company on Etsy, I grabbed my college assignment and decided to run with it. Nothing sold at first, but after a few months of putting myself out there the sales started coming in, and I realized I could really make something of this!”

What does “being creative” mean to you?
“Being creative means making something that makes you happy. You don’t even have to have a specific talent but creating something that didn’t exist before can bring you joy. I’ve made plenty of things that maybe aren’t perfect but they still make me happy. I think of my children…when they’re drawing or creating something they’re so happy about it. They are perfect examples of what it means to create something for the joy of creating it.”

What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned about being a wife, mom and business owner?
“I’ve learned so much! A while back I opened a storefront and loved my store and poured my heart and soul into it, and then suddenly I had to move out because the building was being sold. It was almost an unintentional gift to have to let go of the store. I was there all the time, barely with my children and got too focused on my career. Timing is important and when this happened I just decided that this was not the right time to pursue a storefront. I moved into a studio and now I go in three days a week and spend the other two at home with my kids. Time is precious with my children. It’s okay to put a dream aside for a little while to focus on something else. My kids were needing me so much more than I realized.”

“I also realized that it’s okay if you can’t do it all at once. By allowing other people to be a part of my vision, it allows me to not have to feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders, and I can employ others and give them a livelihood, too. We have a small team of five people who make Gingiber successful and I couldn’t be more grateful for them.”

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What keeps you centered and connected?
“The thing I plan my week around is Thursday morning coffee with my girlfriends. It’s a sacred time. All these women come from different jobs, family situations, and walks of life. We sit down at a giant table in our local coffee shop to drink coffee and chat. It keeps me centered. No matter what’s going on I know I get to go and share my life with these girls.”

“I also try to remember that no matter what’s happening in my life, God will always take care of me and I’ll have enough. We often fear the worst but He promises we will always have just what we need when we need it. I’ve tried to retrain my brain to think that way especially when I’m feeling anxious.”

Isn’t that the truth!

With her products in over 250 stores world-wide and creating beautiful pieces for retailers like Land of Nod and West Elm, need we say more? Stacie’s clearly got it going on and we could not be more excited to be collaborating with her. I think Martha would agree that yes, Stacie, you have a beautiful life.

You can find Stacie and her amazing creations here – | Instagram | Pinterest. And be sure to check out her new coloring book with us HERE!!!

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