Coloring Tips: My Favorite Colored Pencils & Markers

Coloring: tips and tricks
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One of the most frequent questions that we get asked is – What colored pencils should I use?! Or what markers are those?! We truly believe you can create beautiful work with ANY medium, but here are a few of our coloring tips and our favorite products!



  •  To add more depth to your drawings always start with light strokes. You can go back and build upon the color by increasing the pressure with which you apply the color.
  • Be sure to keep your pencils sharpened! This will help with those intricate details.
  • The beauty of colored pencils is that you can use blending techniques to enhance the colors. Blend the same color by applying different amounts of pressure when coloring or layer and blend two different colors together. Try using a blending colored pencil created specifically to help smooth and soften the colors.


Prismacolor Colored Pencils

Prismacolor Premier Pencils

Prismacolor Blending Pencil

Prismacolor Blending Pencil

Faber-Castell Colored Pencils

Faber-Castell Polychromos

Colored Pencils

Crayola Coloring Pencils

My favorite pencils to use right now are the Prismacolor Premier pencils shown above! They come in a variety of sets so I recommend getting as many as you can afford! My best advice for buying colored pencils is to buy the largest set of colors that you can afford from the nicest brand that you can afford. I am SUPER picky about what I use and the reason I suggest buying the largest set that you can is because to me it makes a big difference in my coloring pages when I have more shades of colors to choose from. I think it helps for shading and blending your colors and adding depth to your images. Speaking of blending, I love, love, love the Prismacolor blending pencil! It is cheap and really does help to smooth and blend those colors together.




  • For the best results with markers, use fine tips or pens!
  • Always test the color on a separate sheet to make sure it is the right color and tip width you need. You may also want to test if it bleeds through the paper. Most markers do not bleed through our thick coloring pages, however there are a few that will basically bleed through ANY paper so just test it first. (This is also why our books are one sided so that if it does bleed it won’t damage another coloring page.)
  • Certain sets of markers can be blended as well using a colorless blending marker. You can also layer markers with colored pencils for a fun twist!


Crayola Markers

Crayola Super Tips

Triplus Fineliner Markers

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner

Sharpie Markers


Clean Color Markers

Watercolor Brush Pens

The best part about all of the marker sets shown above is that they ALL have a great range of colors! It is hard to beat the Crayola Super Tips because there are so many shades of pretty colors and they are so cheap! I color with these Crayolas all the time. The Steadtler Triplus Fineliners are really good for those intricate details. And if you are looking for something a little more challenging, the Clean Color Brush Pens are really fun! They take a little bit of getting used to but these are markers that you can blend and add almost a watercolor effect to your images!

And finally, because coloring is supposed to be just plain FUN, here are some other cool coloring supplies!

Frixion Colors

Pilot Erasable Markers

Scented Colored Pencils

Sketch & Sniff Coloring Pencils

Metallic Markers

Crayola Metallic Markers

Watercolor Colored Pencils

Watercolor Colored Pencils

Questions?! Comment here or email us! We are always happy to answer! Now go forth, ladies, and GET YOUR COLOR ON! If you need a little somethin’ somethin’ to color you can shop our sweet books right here!

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