Five Fall Must Haves!

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Halloween may be over but it’s not quite Christmas yet! (Not that we aren’t sooo ready for Christmas!) But here are 5 fall must haves to spice up your wardrobe and home this November!

gather hand lettered pillow swiss cross modern farmhouse pillow

Chalkfulloflove’s gorgeous “Gather” pillow!

pumpkin fall print hand lettered watercolor fall home decor

Pen + Paint’s adorable “Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins” recipe print!

golden leaf tee vintage charcoal fashion

Scarlet & Gold’s Golden Leaf Tee!

fall decor home decorations magnolia style farmhouse wooden rustic sign happy fall y'all

Vine & Branches “Happy Fall Y’all” wooden sign

fall decor free printable sign modern farmhouse hand lettering calligraphy script bible verse thanksgiving

And of course, our FREE fall printable from the amazing Whitney Farnsworth!

We love the month of November because it is a wonderful reminder to count your blessings and give thanks. Happy fall, y’all!

Artist Spotlight: Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber

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Have you ever felt like you’ve known someone forever after meeting them for the first time? Maybe you share so many interests or have similar stories. Or maybe it was just such an enjoyable conversation that it left you feeling encouraged, connected and known.

That’s how we felt after chatting with Stacie Bloomfield, artist of the new mommy-and-me coloring book, “Together”, and creative genius behind the popular shop, Gingiber. “Together” came out THIS WEEK (woot!)! I had been following Stacie’s work on Instagram and absolutely loved the way she brought adorable animals to life through fun, yet sophisticated illustrations. When Reagan and I started to think about the idea of a mommy-and-me coloring book, we approached Stacie with it, and little did we know she was literally on her computer looking for a way to publish a coloring book herself when she got our email! It was one of those perfect timing moments that you look back on and know it was meant to be. Thus, our relationship with Gingiber took off, and now we have a beautiful coloring book to share with you!

coloring book activity book for kids mommy and me animals woodland creatures whales narwhals sloth raccoon lion tiger bear walrus sea horse fox swan bunny

Growing up in Springfield, MO, Stacie always knew she wanted to be an artist. Her dad would sketch drawings of animals and she used his big fountain pen to copy them. “It was the thing that kept me quiet”, says Stacie, “I have always loved animals and loved to draw them”. Stacie had a thing for Martha Stewart’s magazines and read them while visiting her grandma’s beauty shop. Clearly Martha inspired her as evidenced by the fact that as a young girl, Stacie started saving her pennies so she could buy an arm chair from Pier 1. “I wanted my life to be beautiful like Martha’s,” laughs Stacie.

Upon graduation from high school she decided to pursue a degree in fine arts from Drury University and married her childhood sweetheart who she met when they were just 11 years old. Three children and a thriving business later, Stacie somehow manages to be super mom, run her own business like a pro, and still find time for herself. You probably didn’t know that Stacie was once a manager at her local Starbucks…it must be those Breve Cappuccinos she loves that keep her going like the Energizer Bunny, kicking business butt and taking names!

drawing animals coloring animals how to diy coloring book bear tea towel high end kids brand

Stacie is one of those people you count yourself lucky to know. She’s not afraid to be real and easily moves past the surface level stuff in a conversation. She clearly has a heart for her people and makes you feel like you’re one of them. I recently sat down with Stacie to talk all things life and work and pursuing the two.

Stacie, your work is beautiful and I love the life you bring to each of your prints. How did you get your start and what’s the meaning behind “Gingiber”?
“Eight years ago I was pregnant with our first child and designing the nursery. I couldn’t find any artwork I loved and wanted to hang on the wall, so I decided to come up with my own art and my husband encouraged me to start it as a side business. When I was in college I had to create a brand name for a project in my marketing class and I chose “gingiber”, which means ginger. It really has no specific meaning to me other than I really liked the way the word looked! So when I was trying to decide what to name my company on Etsy, I grabbed my college assignment and decided to run with it. Nothing sold at first, but after a few months of putting myself out there the sales started coming in, and I realized I could really make something of this!”

What does “being creative” mean to you?
“Being creative means making something that makes you happy. You don’t even have to have a specific talent but creating something that didn’t exist before can bring you joy. I’ve made plenty of things that maybe aren’t perfect but they still make me happy. I think of my children…when they’re drawing or creating something they’re so happy about it. They are perfect examples of what it means to create something for the joy of creating it.”

What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned about being a wife, mom and business owner?
“I’ve learned so much! A while back I opened a storefront and loved my store and poured my heart and soul into it, and then suddenly I had to move out because the building was being sold. It was almost an unintentional gift to have to let go of the store. I was there all the time, barely with my children and got too focused on my career. Timing is important and when this happened I just decided that this was not the right time to pursue a storefront. I moved into a studio and now I go in three days a week and spend the other two at home with my kids. Time is precious with my children. It’s okay to put a dream aside for a little while to focus on something else. My kids were needing me so much more than I realized.”

“I also realized that it’s okay if you can’t do it all at once. By allowing other people to be a part of my vision, it allows me to not have to feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders, and I can employ others and give them a livelihood, too. We have a small team of five people who make Gingiber successful and I couldn’t be more grateful for them.”

mommy and me book coloring book easy fun activity for kids no technology animals how to diy work at home mom and kids

What keeps you centered and connected?
“The thing I plan my week around is Thursday morning coffee with my girlfriends. It’s a sacred time. All these women come from different jobs, family situations, and walks of life. We sit down at a giant table in our local coffee shop to drink coffee and chat. It keeps me centered. No matter what’s going on I know I get to go and share my life with these girls.”

“I also try to remember that no matter what’s happening in my life, God will always take care of me and I’ll have enough. We often fear the worst but He promises we will always have just what we need when we need it. I’ve tried to retrain my brain to think that way especially when I’m feeling anxious.”

Isn’t that the truth!

With her products in over 250 stores world-wide and creating beautiful pieces for retailers like Land of Nod and West Elm, need we say more? Stacie’s clearly got it going on and we could not be more excited to be collaborating with her. I think Martha would agree that yes, Stacie, you have a beautiful life.

You can find Stacie and her amazing creations here – | Instagram | Pinterest. And be sure to check out her new coloring book with us HERE!!!

adult coloring book mommy and me girls and boys animals raccoon elephant seahorse narwhal whale walrus bird fox lion tiger snail skunk bunnies swan sloth unicorn

Color Inspiration: How to Choose Colors!

adult coloring books coloring tips color inspiration colored pencils color palette how to color blue green teal turquoise aqua

Let’s talk about how to choose colors for your coloring pages (or anything, really!). I know for some people (even me!), picking colors can actually be stressful, which is the complete opposite goal of coloring! So let’s dive in and get our color on. Here are a few general tips to get those creative juices flowing and minimize the stress in choosing colors!

best pinterest account to follow art craft creative drawing hand lettering coloring pages adult coloring home decor inspirational quotes color palette


Draw ideas from your favorite painting or floral dress, a pretty magazine cover, your favorite flower, your favorite blog…you get the picture! I will often google a certain flower and get inspiration from different images before I start coloring. Check out our floral pinterest board here for some eye candy!

inspiration floral flower bouquet peach blush pink gold flowers abstract painting

Steve Cowell Photo | Jihye Back Kim


You just might see similarities and find that you are already drawn towards a certain color palette. Plus, if you plan to frame your final image this will help ensure that it coordinates with your existing decor.

how to choose colors art coloring adult coloring books home decor inspiration blush teal aqua cream

Style Me Pretty | Avenue Lifestyle


Each spring and fall, Pantone publishes a color report sharing the latest colors that are trending. Check it out here!


Search “color palettes” on Pinterest and you’ll have hundreds of options at your finger tips. Check out our “Color Palette” Pinterest board filled with every delicious color combo you can imagine!

how to choose color palette paint art adult coloring books citron blush peach aqua red mustard turquoise

Be CraftyLark & Linen


Coloring books provide the best opportunity to go outside your comfort zone and test new color palettes. Pick colors you wouldn’t normally use and push your creativity to the next level!


The color wheel is a timeless tool to help you understand basic color theory and how colors relate to each other. Check out this beautiful floral color wheel!

color wheel color palette color coordination decorating how to choose color

 Bridget Beth Collins

Based on the color wheel, let’s look at 3 easy ways to use color:

1. Monochromatic – Pick one color on the wheel and use varying shades of that color from light to dark. This one is easy! If you’re living room is decorated in blues, you can pick a coloring image and apply a monochromatic scheme of blues that will be perfect to hang on the wall!

2. Analogous – Pick two colors that are right next to each other on the color wheel. I use this approach all of the time, often with blue and blue-green shades.

3. Complementary – Choose two shades that are across from each other on the color wheel, like orange and blue, for example. This creates a much greater contrast than monochromatic or analogues approaches, so it might be helpful to choose one color to be more dominate and accent with the other color.

Hopefully this helps to jumpstart some ideas for all of the color in your life! Be sure to follow us on Pinterest for more color inspiration!

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Artist Spotlight: Whitney Farnsworth Calligraphy

calligraphy tools tips tricks whitney farnsworth small business owner mom calligrapher designer

One of the serious perks of running Paige Tate is that we get to collaborate on fun projects with artists who are insanely talented and inspire us in all aspects of life: on running a business, being a wife, mom, and Christian, getting in that creative time and exploring and reflecting the beauty of the world we live in.

One of those artists who I absolutely ADORE is Whitney of Whitney Farnsworth Calligraphy and Design (click here for serious eye candy). Whitney is one of those down-to-earth souls you just love to be around. Her beautiful spirit is evident to everyone around her and she’s one of those girls you want to be total BFFs with. A wife and mother to her one-year-old daughter and furry pup (oh and a couple chickens out back!), Whitney makes time in her busy schedule of family obligations, hanging out with friends and teaching workshop classes to pursue her passion of living a quiet life and working with her hands. It has been such a joy to get to know her and see her creativity at work. Plus, she loves Dr. Pepper, so I knew from pretty early on we were going to get along!

mom business owner calligrapher designer how to learn calligraphy tools tips paper pens work at home mom

We recently sat down with Whitney to spill all her juicy secrets about her craft and the life she lives.

First thing’s first. If you had to eat one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?
“Hands down, red velvet cupcakes from Bird Bakery here in San Antonio. I find it hard to stop at just one!”

What’s your go-to closet staple?
“Probably my Madewell skinny jeans. I seriously wear them five days a week – they’re just sooo comfortable.”

How did you get your start in calligraphy?
“I took a local class because I was kind of interested in it. Calligraphy is so beautiful and I just wanted to try it for myself. I fell in love with the scrolling script and the way the pen felt in my hand as I laced words across a page. When a friend asked me to help her design and address her wedding invitations I realized I could make something of this. I continued to practice and it just took off from there.”

modern whimsical calligraphy pen tips tools paper tricks how to learn

How would you describe your style?
“I would characterize it as modern with a touch of whimsy. It’s important, as a designer, to figure out your style and to embrace it. It’s your signature.”

What are your favorite calligraphy tools?
“The tools you use can make or break your project. A good quality tool will give you a good quality result. I use a Speed Ball Oblique Pen Holder with Zebra G Nibs. The oblique pen helps me keep a consistent angle as I script and the nibs allow for smoother strokes and finer lines. The difference between the upstroke and down stroke is more dramatic and that’s what calligraphy is all about.
For paper, I like using a Tracing paper pad that I purchase from Hobby Lobby. It’s so smooth which makes it easier to write on and maintain my line guide. Finally, I use black Sumi Ink. The quality is bar-none and it makes digitizing designs so much easier because of the opaqueness of the ink. If I am going to work with color, I go with Winsor and Newton Designer Gouache because I’m able to create super custom ink colors when necessary. Winsor and Newton has a high quality product and I am always pleased with the results.”

Is there anyone that you would say has been your inspiration in your calligraphy journey?
“I love Betsy Dunlap. I was exposed to her talents about 10 years ago, and think the world of her. She is so experienced and has such a unique style and done a variety of projects.”

Speaking of projects, what are some of your favorite projects to work on?
“Oh, there are so many! All of them are my favorites so it’s hard to choose just a few! I’ve had the opportunity to be commissioned to do wall murals, banners, logos, coloring pages, invitations, and custom scripting – like the time I scripted a client’s wedding vows. I also really love to use chalk and do chalkboard scripting for a change in medium. Ultimately, I think I really enjoy the little projects and the customized ones. No one day, no one project is the same as another.”

coloring book devotional women gift calligraphy rejoice in the Lord bible journaling how to learn calligraphy

Do you have any advice for beginners?
“You just have to get your hands dirty and try it. It might not be pretty at first but as the old adage says, ‘practice makes perfect’. As you get going, look for calligraphers that inspire you, develop your own style and then do your thing!”

Don’t you just love her?! We are so fortunate that we get to work with her! Be sure to check out her gorgeous work – | Instagram | Pinterest. And, of course, you can see her work in Paige Tate & Co.’s coloring books, Wholehearted and Color at Home! And the best news ever?! Whitney is sharing this beautiful fall print for all of our newsletter subscribers! Sign up HERE to have this beauty sent straight to your inbox and be sure to tag us on social media and show us how you decorate your home for fall with this print!

Photo Credits: Carolann Morgan Photography

HGTV Magazine Coloring Contest

young house love coloring book john sherry petersik color at home interior design coloring book hgtv magazine gold pen gold paper clip grey striped kitchen dish towel

Ahhh, we’re so excited we can finally share that Color at Home is featured in the November issue of HGTV Magazine AND they are having a coloring contest with one of the images from the coloring book! Eek!

hgtv magazine coloring contest color at home young house love adult coloring book interior design contest free coloring page grey striped dish towel gold pens

As HUGE fans of HGTV, we are obviously over the moon! The whole issue is beautiful! Get yourself a copy and check out the deets for the coloring contest! Twenty-five participants will receive a copy of Color at Home and one person will win the grand prize of a 120 piece set of Faber-Castell colored pencils! Woot!

free coloring page interior design adult coloring book young house love color at home gallery wall cute couch ampersand chihuahua john and sherry petersik

To enter the HGTV Magazine coloring contest, click HERE to head over to HGTV’s website. You will be able to download this free coloring page (yay!), color it, and then upload it to their site for a chance to win!

coloring contest young house love coloring book hdtv magazine color at home gold pens grey striped kitchen towel free coloring page win colored pencils

I’m off to peruse through this beauty! Can’t wait to see the coloring images that you guys enter!! Be sure to tag us on social media so we can ooh and aah over your finished coloring pages(#yhlcoloringbook)! Good luck!

Color at Home!

john sherry petersik interior design home decor diy inspiration adult coloring book

I am SO excited about our collaboration with the amazing John & Sherry of Young House Love! This Young House Love coloring book is straight up interior design eye candy for you to drool color on! Color at Home has pages filled with beautiful rooms ready for you to give a splash of color. There are full spreads, vignettes, mood boards, fun collections of things like pillows and coffee mugs, and even beautiful quote prints! Get lost in intricate design details like built-in bookcases, patterned pillows, and ornate rugs – and bring them to life with your own color schemes. Nervous about what colors to pick? (In the book AND in your house?!) Have no fear! John & Sherry guide you through some key color exercises in the intro to help you start to pin down your go-to color palette! If you love interior design, house projects, gettin’ your DIY on, and coloring ALL THE THINGS, Color at Home will bring you to your happy place!

The DIY extraordinaries behind the blog, John and Sherry Petersik, are crazy talented and in collaboration with the amazingly gifted artist, Joan Borawski, they bring together pages of eye candy that will have you craving for more.

young house love coloring book flat lay diy interior design home decor inspiration color palette color wheel

With two books on the New York Time’s Best Sellers list and collections sold at Target and Home Depot, it’s safe to say John and Sherry have a knack for timeless and smart design trends. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to create such a fun and beautiful book with them! Grab your favorite colored pens or pencils and GET YOUR COLOR ON, GIRLFRIEND! 

modern farmhouse bathroom powder room shiplap cement tiles farmhouse sink home decor inspiration john sherry petersik prismacolor pencils

Check out the wonderful artists that made this book possible and go give them some love!

Interior design renderings byJoan Borawski – Joan of Art Rendering

Quote illustrations by Whitney Farnsworth – Whitney Farnsworth Calligraphy

Get your copy of Color at Home HERE or on Amazon!

Learn to Letter!

hand lettering beautiful gold spiral workbook micron pen set chalkfulloflove paige tate

Have you ever seen a pretty hand-lettered card or piece of lettered artwork and thought, “gee, I wish I could do that…”? Well now you, too, can learn to script beautiful letters by hand and create something uniquely yours to keep or share with loved ones!

In collaboration with popular hand-lettering artist, Chalkfulloflove, Paige Tate & Co. brings you Hand Lettering 101, a beginners guide to the art and craft of hand lettering. The book provides you with information about tools to use and methods and techniques to employ when working on your own letters. No experience necessary! For those of you who have self-proclaimed “chicken scratch” for hand writing skills, don’t be scared off! Hand Lettering is a totally different game and you might be surprised at how good you are with a little practice!

Put on some comfy clothes, light a yummy smelling candle, turn on your favorite tunes, and create your own adorable lettered creations. Be sure to take a picture of your work and tag us in it @paigetateandco so we can be inspired by YOU!


Hand Lettering 101

Micron Pen Set

Coloring Tips: My Favorite Colored Pencils & Markers

best colored pencils markers gel pens fine tips for adult coloring coloring for grown ups coloring books prismacolor faber-castell crayola sharpie art supplies art how to color

One of the most frequent questions that we get asked is – What colored pencils should I use?! Or what markers are those?! We truly believe you can create beautiful work with ANY medium, but here are a few of our coloring tips and our favorite products!



  •  To add more depth to your drawings always start with light strokes. You can go back and build upon the color by increasing the pressure with which you apply the color.
  • Be sure to keep your pencils sharpened! This will help with those intricate details.
  • The beauty of colored pencils is that you can use blending techniques to enhance the colors. Blend the same color by applying different amounts of pressure when coloring or layer and blend two different colors together. Try using a blending colored pencil created specifically to help smooth and soften the colors.


Favorite Colored Pencils Prisma

Prismacolor Premier Pencils

Favorite Colored Pencils Primas Blending Tool Adult Coloring

Prismacolor Blending Pencil

Faber-Castell Polychromos Adult Coloring Pencils

Faber-Castell Polychromos

Crayola Colored Pencils

Crayola Coloring Pencils

My favorite pencils to use right now are the Prismacolor Premier pencils shown above! They come in a variety of sets so I recommend getting as many as you can afford! My best advice for buying colored pencils is to buy the largest set of colors that you can afford from the nicest brand that you can afford. I am SUPER picky about what I use and the reason I suggest buying the largest set that you can is because to me it makes a big difference in my coloring pages when I have more shades of colors to choose from. I think it helps for shading and blending your colors and adding depth to your images. Speaking of blending, I love, love, love the Prismacolor blending pencil! It is cheap and really does help to smooth and blend those colors together.




  • For the best results with markers, use fine tips or pens!
  • Always test the color on a separate sheet to make sure it is the right color and tip width you need. You may also want to test if it bleeds through the paper. Most markers do not bleed through our thick coloring pages, however there are a few that will basically bleed through ANY paper so just test it first. (This is also why our books are one sided so that if it does bleed it won’t damage another coloring page.)
  • Certain sets of markers can be blended as well using a colorless blending marker. You can also layer markers with colored pencils for a fun twist!


Crayola Super Tips

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner


Watercolor Brush Pens

The best part about all of the marker sets shown above is that they ALL have a great range of colors! It is hard to beat the Crayola Super Tips because there are so many shades of pretty colors and they are so cheap! I color with these Crayolas all the time. The Steadtler Triplus Fineliners are really good for those intricate details. And if you are looking for something a little more challenging, the Clean Color Brush Pens are really fun! They take a little bit of getting used to but these are markers that you can blend and add almost a watercolor effect to your images!

And finally, because coloring is supposed to be just plain FUN, here are some other cool coloring supplies!

Pilot Erasable Markers

Sketch & Sniff Coloring Pencils

Crayola Metallic Markers

Watercolor Colored Pencils

Questions?! Comment here or email us! We are always happy to answer! Now go forth, ladies, and GET YOUR COLOR ON! If you need a little somethin’ somethin’ to color you can shop our sweet books right here!

best adult coloring colored pencils markers

Hey, friend!

paige tate and co coloring books creative how to devotionals small business husband and wife creative christian adult coloring book publisher

Hey, hey! Welcome to our blog! We’re excited to bring you some really fun, creative content and lots of new product sneak peeks! My name is Sada (pronounced say-duh, light on the duh please) and my husband Reagan and I run Paige Tate & Co.! We’ve created an amazing community of creative women on Instagram and we are thrilled to bring you even more creative eye candy over here, including our favorite products, tips and tricks from our amazing artists, freebies (yay!), videos!, and so much more!

We started this company in early 2015 kind of as a mistake…ha! But over a year and a half later we are all in and every day I am so inspired by all of you! When we created our first product, I was 5 months pregnant. Chasing around a 2 year old. Running a photography business. And tired. Lol! We created Beauty in the Bible really because it was a form of coloring that I thought I would enjoy, with the finished product being something that you would love to hang up in your house. Turns out other people felt the same way! Beauty in the Bible was actually the first Christian adult coloring book on the market!

Since then we’ve created 6 more coloring books, a coloring devotional, our first creative how-to book and we have tons of new products releasing this fall – woot! I’ve always been a creative, hands on, DIY kinda girl – mostly because I’m picky! No joke. I would see something in the store that I loved but it wasn’t the right color or the right size and I would get frustrated. So for me, one of the best aspects of the coloring craze is that YOU get to pick! You get to customize it with the colors you want. I love that.


The most exciting part of our journey has been going above and beyond the typical coloring book. We are a small business and when we invest in an idea, we literally go all in, folks! We are constantly trying to think outside of the box and our “idea” list is never-ending! We have an amazing coloring devotional (and another one on the way!) and we have a whole line of creative how-to’s in the works! This is uber cheesy, but we like to say that we provide the canvas to ignite the spark! It is so fun to see, first of all, adults coloring! I mean, y’all! So fun. Even crazier? To see our creative how-to’s help someone learn a new skill. And the craziest of all?? To see one of our books help someone along their daily walk with God. #mindblown

Learn to hand letter with this how-to workbook Hand Lettering 101 by Chalkfulloflove!

Since we are a small biz, we literally have unending gratitude for all of the people that have supported us along the way. Soooo, thank you, thank you! I mean, thanks for just making it to the end of this post. Seriously. Be sure to join the party by signing up for our newsletter (aka access to free stuff!) and if you want to see more of our day to day behind the scenes, check us out on Instagram and Facebook at @paigetateandco! And to learn more about our journey, you can check out more of our story here!

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