Artist Spotlight: Alli of Alli K Design

How to Draw Modern Florals

It’s been just about two weeks since the launch of Alli’s new book How to Draw Modern Florals, and in that time we have seen such incredible success! Not that we are surprised – Alli has a wonderful energy about her that not only comes through in the art she creates, it also has inspired us and so many out there to try something new! Since we have come to know and love Alli, we wanted to share a few things about her with you. We hope reading a little bit about her and her passion will inspire you (if you haven’t already) to go snag a copy of her book, and try it out for yourself!


So many of us (including us at Paige Tate & Co.) watch with awe as you turn a blank canvas into a beautiful work of art with nothing but a black pen! When did you start drawing and where did you get your love for the simple black and white?

I have always doodled on everything since before I could remember. Art class was always my favorite part of school and if I could do it all over I would have majored in it in college. Oh the things I could tell my younger self when I thought art would leave you “starving” or when I doubted my creativity. My love for simple black and white happened gradually. I learned a lot about myself personally over the past two years and realized the simple minimal life is the life for me, so naturally how I live reflects in my art work. 

There are so many beautiful flowers in the book, I am not sure how you could ever choose – but do you have a favorite flower?

That is like asking who is your favorite child, its so hard! Each one has a special meaning or memory to me. Edward Abbey says it best (which is why I had to put it in my book) “For myself, I have no preference among flowers, so long as they are wild, free, and spontaneous.” 

With this being your first time publishing a book – what was your favorite part of the process?

 I was really nervous actually about writing this book. I had no idea if others would think it was too hard or not approachable or if they didn’t think it was worth their money. Oh man was I so so wrong. The response and seeing everyone’s AMAZING floral drawings has been by far my favorite part. Tears have rolled down my face on more than one occasion from people telling me that they’ve amazed themselves by their newly found ability to draw flowers! Everyone has done so so well!